[GEN:6:1-22]; [GEN:7:1-24]

Lesson 4 - Elementary

Memory Verse

"He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee” (Luke  4:10).


The Wicked People

When Adam and Eve disobeyed God they brought sin and death into the world, and in a short time the people were so wicked that God decided to send a great flood upon the earth to destroy everything. But there was one man, Noah, who loved God and tried to do the things that pleased God, so God wanted to protect him and his family.

A Great Boat Is Built

God told Noah to build a great ship for him and his family to live in while the water was on the whole earth. He told Noah exactly how to build it and just how big it should be. We believe it was at least 450 feet long, 75 feet broad, and 43 feet high. It may have been even bigger than that.

Noah was told to take into the ark two of each kind of the animals, and to put food in the ark for his family and for the animals. Of the clean animals he was told to take seven pairs of a kind.

Noah did just what God told him to do. We understand it took him 120 years to build that great boat. People would laugh if he built a boat where there was not water, but Noah knew what God had told him and he kept right on building. Noah preached to the people about their sins and about the things that were coming upon the earth and warned them to stop being wicked.

God Told Noah to Go into the Ark

When the ark was ready God told Noah to take his wife, his three sons and their wives, and go into the ark. Then God shut the door. Forty days and nights the rain poured down from the clouds, and the water came from the springs and fountains of the earth and the seas. For 40 days and nights the water was filling the earth until everything was covered. No doubt the people rushed for the hills and the mountains, but the water came up higher and higher until even the mountains were covered. Then the ark with Noah and his family floated safely over the highest mountains. We are sure that they thanked God that they were safe, and were glad that they had done just what God had told them to do.


1. Why did God send the flood? [GEN:6:5-7].

2. Why was Noah spared from the flood? [GEN:6:8-9]; [2PE:2:5].

3. Do you think the door of the ark could have been opened after God shut it? [REV:3:7].

4. What did they do for food in the ark? [GEN:6:21].

5. What happened to all the people and animals outside the ark? [GEN:7:21].