Lesson 25 - Elementary

Memory Verse

"If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it"  (John 14:14).


God Took Good Care of His People

Moses and the people were now very thankful to God for protecting them from the Egyptians, and Moses composed a beautiful song that they sang, praising God for His goodness to them.

They Soon Forgot God's Kindness

The people had been on the way three days and had found no water and were thirsty. They complained to Moses about it. They came to a place where there was water but it was bitter. Then they complained about that. God heard their complaining, and Moses told them that they were finding fault with God and His care over them. But God was still kind to them and told Moses to throw a tree into the water and it would make the water good to drink.

Then they forgot about the water God had given them to drink and began to fear that they would not have food to eat. God heard what they said, but again He was very kind to them. He said that He would rain bread down form Heaven. He would give them meat to eat in the evening (perhaps afternoon) and good bread to eat in the morning.

God Gave the Delicious Manna

God caused a heavy dew to lie on the ground, and on that clean dew, He laid small, white, sweet pieces of manna for them to eat. He said that they should gather only enough for one day. He wanted them to trust Him from day to day; and He would also give them fresh manna each day except the day before their Sabbath. On that day they were to gather enough for two days; so they would not work on their Sabbath. On that day they were to gather enough for two days; so they would not work on their Sabbath, which is our Saturday.

They lived on that wonderful bread from Heaven forty years, and God put so much strength into it they were well and strong and not hungry during the forty years that they were on the way to their new home.

God told them to gather up a small amount of the manna and keep it to tell their children about this bread God had sent them from Heaven, and to remind them of His goodness and His power to take care of them anywhere.


1. Against Whom did the people murmur? [EXO:16:8].

2. What does the Bible say to us about murmuring? [PHL:2:14].

3. What kind of food was sent in the evening? [EXO:16:13].

4. What was sent in the morning? [EXO:16:14];[EXO:16:15].

5. How many years did the people eat manna? [EXO:16:35].

6. Does God ever let people who love Him go hungry? [PS:37:25].