[GEN:1:1-31]; [GEN:2:1-25]; [GEN:3:1-24].

Lesson 31 - Elementary

Memory Verse

"Without him was not any thing made that was made"  (John 1:3).


God Lived Always

Before there was an earth, and before there was a man on this earth, God lived. God has power to do all things. All He needs to do is to speak the word and it is done. There are some people who are saying that God did not make the world and the people; but all who believe God, and believe His Bible, know that He made everything, because He said He did. We know that Jesus was there with Him, and the Holy Spirit.

God Made Light

At one time there was darkness in the world and God said: "Let there be light,” and there was light. God called the light "Day,” and the darkness "Night.”

God Made the Sky

God, on the second day, made a beautiful sky and the clouds that carry water to make the flowers and trees and plants grow, so that there would be food for men and animals.

God Made the Land and the Waters

God gathered the water into wide and deep seas and set the dry land in its places. He told the seas that they could come so far and no farther. Then He covered the earth with a lovely green carpet of grass and flowers. God gave man a beautiful place in which to live, but sin has brought a curse upon it.

God Made the Lights

God had already given the earth some light, but on the fourth day He made more light. He made the sun to shine by day and the moon and stars to shine by night.

God Put Living Things in the World

After God had made the world light and had prepared a place for man He put fishes in the seas and birds in the heavens.

God Made Man in His Own Image

God made a good world and then He put a good man in it. God looked at His world and said that it was "good.” He made man out of the dust of the earth and breathed life into him. The mountains and oceans and flowers and everything that God made show how wonderful He is, but only people can love Him.

Everything God Made Was Good

God saw that everything He had made was very good; and then He rested on the seventh day and blessed it.

The Beautiful Garden

God prepared a beautiful garden for Adam and for those who would be with him. He gave them trees that had good fruit, lovely flowers for them to enjoy, vegetables for their food, and many other good things. He told Adam that he might eat of all the fruit except from one of the trees. If they ate that fruit they would surely die. He told them that they should not even touch that tree.

God said it was not good for Adam to be alone; so when Adam was asleep God took one of Adam's ribs and made a woman to be his wife.

A Snake in the Garden

There were animals in that garden, and God told Adam to give them names. Not all snakes are poisonous, but there was one snake in that garden that was very bad. One day it told Eve that she need not be afraid to eat of the fruit of a certain tree. He said that the fruit would make her know everything as God did. Eve made a terrible mistake when she listened to the snake. When she looked at the fruit and saw it was very good, and believed what the snake said instead of what God said, she wanted it. She ate it and also gave her husband some of it.

Adam and Eve Were Afraid

Sometimes God walked in the lovely garden and talked with Adam and Eve. No doubt they were glad to have Him with them. But after they had eaten that fruit, when they heard God's voice they were afraid and tried to hide form God. God called them. They were ashamed to come to Him. God asked them if they had eaten the fruit He told them not to eat, and they said they had. Eve blamed it to the snake, and Adam blamed it to Eve. When a person has done wrong he tries to blame it on someone else.

They Were Driven from the Garden

God told Adam and Eve that because they had disobeyed Him they were no longer fit to live in that holy garden and be with Him. He sent them out of the garden and set an angel to guard the gate.

Adam and Eve did a terrible thing when they disobeyed God; for that brought sin, sickness, and death into the whole world and to all people. When we do wrong things we nearly always cause someone else to do wrong, too.


1. Did God exist in the very beginning before the world was made? [GEN:1:1]; [JHN:1:1].

2. What did God made first? [GEN:1:1].

3. What did God make for lights? [GEN:1:16].

4. In how many days did God make everything? [GEN:1:31].

5. Where did God put man after He created him? [GEN:2:8].