CGS Number
CGS Lyrics
Verse 1
Father of heaven above,
Dwelling in light and love.
Ancient of days,
Light unapproachable,
Love inexpressible,
Thee, the invisible,
Laud we and praise.

Verse 2
Christ the eternal Word,
Christ the incarnate Lord,
Saviour of all,
High throned above all height
God of God, Light of Light,
Increate, infinite,
On Thee we call.

Verse 3
O God, the Holy Ghost
Whose fires of Pentecost
Burn evermore,
In this far wilderness
Leave us not comfortless;
Thee we love, Thee we bless,
Thee we adore.

Verse 4
Strike your harps, heavenly powers;
With your glad chants shall ours
Trembling ascend;
All praise, O God, to Thee,
Three in One, One in Three,
Praise everlastingly,
World without end.