CGS Number
CGS Lyrics
Verse 1
The light of the day of rest
Gently fades off from our sight
Just like the evening sunset
Of the Christian's pilgrimage

Verse 2
Daylight dies; and the earth is
Wrapped in blanket of the night
Peace serene is felt around
At the close of day of rest.

Verse 3
Perfect peace now fills the earth
Sent by God from heav'n above
Like the praise that fills the heart
That from sin has been set free

Verse 4
Still the spirit lingers near
The hungry and thirsty soul
Who lift their hearts to the throne
To seek earnestly his grace

Verse 5
Jesus lord, grant that our rest
May be filled with joy in thee
Till our hearts shall take its rest
In the 'ternal heav'n of rest