CGS Number
CGS Lyrics
Verse 1
All times and seasons, months and years,
These are created by God
Day is given for us to work
But the night is meant for sleep.

Verse 2
He also made a day of rest
Out of seven days He gave one,
So that man may have a whole day,
Given to worship his God.

Verse 3
Six days there are in which to work,
Let us do it as we ought,
On the seventh, let us gather,
In God's house to worship there.

Verse 4
On this day, we all meet to pray,
And we sing our songs to Him
We praise and glorify our God,
Who is the greatest of all.

Verse 5
Now let us lift high our praises
The praises of our Lord God,
Raise the anthem, swell the music
In sweet praises of our God.