Lesson 32 - Elementary

Memory Verse

"With God all things are possible"  (Mark 10:27).


The Many Sick People

It did not take long before the people found out that Jesus could heal them. He made the blind able to see. He healed the lame people so that they could walk. The sick were raised up and made strong well. He even raised up the dead. Those who were well would bring their sick people to Jesus to be healed. Wherever He went many people followed Him. We do not read in the Bible that Jesus ever sent a sick person away without healing him. We are thankful that He has the same power today, and is healing all who put their trust in Him.

Nothing Too Hard for Jesus

Some people think that if it is a very serious disease Jesus cannot heal it; but we read in the Bible that He healed every kind of disease. He make the body in the first place, and it is very easy for Him to make it well. We know that the man who can make an automobile can surely fix any part that does not work well.

One day a man with a terrible disease called leprosy came to Jesus to be healed. The man probably had great sores on his body, and people were afraid to come near him. But Jesus was not afraid to touch him. When the man worshipped Jesus and said that he knew He could make him well if He wanted to, Jesus said He wanted to make him well. He touched the man's sore body and said, "Be thou clean,” and right away the man was made well. We are sure he must have loved Jesus very much for doing that.

A Soldier's Faith

At another time a soldier came to Jesus and told Him that his servant was sick. He must have believed that Jesus was well able to heal his servant, for he said that he himself had many soldiers under him and when he told one of them to go and do something, he would go; when he told another soldier to come to him that person would come. Then he said that if Jesus said the word the sickness would have to leave his servant. Jesus likes to have people believe Him. When He says that He is able and willing to heal people, He likes to have them believe it. Jesus was pleased when He saw that the soldier that his servant would be healed; and he was healed at the very time Jesus said that he would be healed.

Another Healing

Jesus came to Peter's home and there He saw Peter's wife's mother sick with a great fever. Jesus just touched her hand and she was able to get right up and do her work. It was very easy for Jesus to heal her.

A Wonderful Friend

We have many kind friends and we are thankful for them, but in Jesus we have the best friend of all. He not only saves us from our sins, but He gives us the rain and the sunshine that make things grow; and He gives us food and clothing four our bodies. He also heals us when we are sick if we love him, pray to Him, trust Him, and do what He tells us to do.


1. Did the leper believe Jesus could heal him? [MAT:8:2].

2. Did the Centurion feel worthy to have Jesus come to his house? [MAT:8:8].

3. Why did Jesus marvel at him? [MAT:8:10].

4. Can we be healed without faith? [JAM:5:15]; [MAK:9:23].

5. How was Peter's wife's mother healed? [MAT:8:15].