Last Service of Camp 2022

Sunday August 28

Sunday School

The Sunday school started with the programme presented by children from Ogun Region after the congregational song and opening prayer. The elementary department programme centered on the revival that took place during Nehemiah’s time, which facilitated the rebuilding of the broken walls of Jerusalem. The young evangelists encouraged the congregation to catch the revival fire and spread same.

Camp 2022 Ogun Children Programme


The Sunday school lesson with the topic “Paul’s Final Work in Asia” with the text taken from Acts 20:1-32 was centrally taught by Sister Felicia Moh amongst other language and age classes. She challenged the students to ask God to open their eyes to see the places in need of Christ and to ask for a sustained zeal to keep on preaching Christ to the world. Attendance was 11,23.


Devotional Service

The devotional service started with the orchestra playing Stayed On Jehovah” Arr. by Jeff Cranfill which was followed by “We Praise Thee O God” by G. F Handel and “His Hand in Mine”. The congregation sang hymns Praise My Soul, the King of Glory and “Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken” joyfully to the praise of God for making the 2022 camp meeting a success. Opening prayer was led by Brother Ime Nkanta from Uyo.

During the announcement, the District Superintendent, Brother Isaac Adigun thanked everyone for attending the camp and for making various contributions that facilitated the smooth running of the camp. The audience was also informed about the launch of the new church website. The scripture reading taken from John 7:1-10 was read by Bro Segun Adenuga from Ogun Region followed by the last special song titled “It Shall Be Well” rendered by a male quartet was highly inspiring.

The Superintendent General, Brother Darrel Lee read from John 7:37-38 to open his exhortation that focused on A Personal Invitation from Jesus. The text was the personal invitation Jesus extends to every thirsty soul as in Isaiah where God promised to pour water upon thirty souls and their offspring. The water Jesus offers is more than the physical water: it is spiritual and eternal. It is more than water from Jacob’s well: it is productive and not destructive. Jesus confirmed that he will send the Holy Spirit and it was fulfilled starting from the Upper room in Acts and will do more today. The congregation was encouraged to strive to get this living water as God is not stingy. The altar song was Blessed Invitation from the King of Heaven as the congregation went to pray. Attendance was 11,753


Young People’s Service

The Young People’s Service started with a flute solo thrilling the church with a Praise Medley. In the same spirit, the choir sang No Longer a Slave. The congregation also sang a praise medley and a song of consecration O Jesus I Have Promised, heartily

During the testimony time, a brother testified that God has revived him during the camp meeting. A sister testified that she had been having a cold since December but God healed her. She was in a dark state but God changed her story and gave her joy. A brother also testified that God healed him of ulcer and cold allergy during the camp meeting. A sister testified that God granted her admission into the university. Though she lost her mother shortly after that but God brought her out of the resulting depression.

The testimony service closed with a special solo rendition titled May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You. The sermon was given by Brother Sanmi Alonge with the text taken from Jeremiah 32:26. He outlined the pre-requisite for getting impossible things from God. Attendance was 853.


Evening Revival and Farewell Service

The brass ensemble started the evening revival and farewell service for 2022 camp meeting with Battle Hymn of the Republic. The choir also rendered “Let’s just praise the Lord” and “Get all excited”. The Congregational singing was up next followed by opening prayer by Brother Johnson Okpo from Anthony WECA HQ.

The testimony service was opened to all. A brother testified that, even though he came with nothing, God provided for all his needs during this camp meeting and healed him of three days incessant cough that he suffered. A sister testified that God brought her back to the Gospel after 20 years and restored all she had lost during the period she was out the gospel. Another brother testified that he was blind, but God healed him: he had swollen scrotum and God healed him during this camp meeting.

Camp 2022 Testimony 28.08.2022 A


Camp 2022 Testimony 28.08.2022 B


After the testimonies, a duet rendered “Must I Go and Empty Handed?” before the sermon, which was delivered by Brother Segun Adeliyi, the Acting Regional Overseer for Ogun Region.

Judges 1:14-15 was the opening text to the sermon titled “Give Me a Blessing”. The theme was curled from the request of Caleb’s daughter, Achsah that her father should give her special blessings. The service ended with the rendering of hymn “God Be with You till we Meet Again” following the altar call. Attendance was 4,623.


Record of blessings as at the closing of the Camp stood at 9,898 (Salvation 2,128; Sanctification 1,167; Holy Ghost Baptism 558; Healed 2,340; RE-anointed 2,157; Others 1,548; Babies 2 Girls and 2 Boys)

We give God the glory for great things He has done for making the camp meeting a reality and for the revival experienced and the numerous blessings received at the camp meeting in Nigeria.