Brief Report of the Visit of the DS to Ekiti State

Following the release of the abducted students and staff of the Apostolic Faith Secondary School in Emure Ekiti, the District Superintendent of Apostolic Faith Work in West and Central Africa, Bro. Isaac Adigun, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, paid a courtesy visit to the Ekiti State Government and other concerned stakeholders, to express appreciation to them. This visit was between February 22 and 28, 2024.

Day 1, 22nd February, 2024 - Arrival

Day 2, 23rd February, 2024

Visit to the Office of Ekiti State Governor, Commissioner of Police and RRS Commander.






Ekiti State Governor (Mr. Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji)

The Governor of Ekiti State who was unavoidably absent to receive the DS due to the funeral service of his late colleague, former Governor of Ondo State, Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu, designated his Special Adviser on Security Matters, Brigadier Gen. Ebenezer Ogundana to receive the Visitor.

The DS expressed appreciation to the State Governor and Brig. Gen. Ebenezer Ogundana for creating time out of their busy schedules to receive the visiting team. He said the purpose of the visit was to express the Church deep appreciation to Ekiti State Government and that we do not take for granted the efforts made to ensure safe return of the abductees of the Apostolic Faith School in Emure Ekiti .

The DS said, “As a Church, we offered intensive prayers for those at the front line of state affairs, that God would keep, and grant them success in every operation towards the rescue of the abductees. They played this role at the backend with vigor.”

Bro. Adigun did not fail to let the Government of Ekiti State know that the burden for the release of the abductees was not only borne by Apostolic Faith Church in Africa, but throughout the world; especially at the International Headquarters in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. He said the Church has got in touch with the Presidency to extend appreciation to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and to express the desire of the Board of Trustee to visit the President soon for his great concerns and supports.

Conclusively, the DS acknowledged the RRS Commander, CSP Marcus for his doggedness and unceasing support even after the release of the abductees. In appreciating CSP Marcus and his team, the DS said ‘we have decided to come in person to appreciate a job well done. We do not take it lightly. It was a huge operation that involved people’s life and the government was up to the task’.

In response, Brigadier Gen. Ebenezer Ogundana registered appreciation on behalf of the Governor who was unavoidably missed the visit due to the reason stated earlier. He appreciated the patience of the church and the prayer support in the hard times stating that he believed greatly in the power of prayer, which eventually worked. Though he acknowledged there were damages, he equally thanked God that the damage was minimal. He emphasized that the government of Ekiti State had put facilities in place to ensure safety of school children in schools but the kidnappers took advantage of loopholes outside the school area. According to him, there were lessons learnt by both the school management and the government to forestall a reoccurrence.

He regretted the embarrassment and pains the incident caused and prayed God to heal the wounds, especially of the innocent children. Brig. Gen. Ogundana also appreciated the Governor for organizing adequate post-trauma therapy and funding for the released children and teachers. In his words, Governor Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji is a governor that shows concerns for his people as he was seriously affected by the incidence coupled with the loss of two monarchs around same period. This spurred the Governor into action, which ensured the arrest of these daredevil elements; and valuable information has been obtained from them. He further assured the DS that the government will ensure that the school environment as well as its connecting and adjoining roads are secure as much as possible. He reiterated again that several lessons have been learnt from the ugly incidence. He also appreciated the security agencies, underscoring the fact that the recovery efforts entailed that some of the frontline personnel slept in the forest in search of the abducted pupils and staff. He then called on the AFSS Management in Emure Ekiti and the people of Emure Ekiti to help provide vital information that can help safeguard the State. He finally, on behalf of the Governor, appreciated everyone in the team of the DS and promised to convey the message to Mr. Governor.

The DS then prayed for the people of Ekiti State and Ekiti State Government. Thereafter he prayed for RRS Commander as requested by the SA on Security Matters to the Governor.

The DS gave gospel literatures to the Special Adviser by way of Evangelism.



Commissioner of Police, CP Akinwale Adeniran

The DS expressed gladness that the Police Commissioner could create time for his visit despite the various priority tasks requiring his attention. He stated the main reason for the visit was to represent the Board of Trustees of Apostolic Faith Church work in WECA physically to say thank you for the great work done during the rescue operation of abducted students and staff of AFSS, Emure Ekiti. He appreciated the way and manner the Nigerian Police and other security agencies responded to the incident to the extent that the name of God was glorified. In his words, the DS said ‘we have come in person to let you know that we did not take it lightly. Though we did not participate in the intelligence and physical aspects of the operations but the church was praying to God to guide, protect and look after the operation and personnel for success. Even our International Headquarters Church in Portland was greatly concerned too.

He assured the Police Commissioner that the Church is praying that God should solve not just insecurity but every problem of this country. He also assured that we are behind the Nigerian Police Force in our prayers.

The Police Commissioner welcomed all again and expressed gladness to receive the Church delegation. He said that if appreciation could always come this way from the public for successful operations that they would be more inspired. He said he appreciates prayers a lot because the battle of life is more spiritual than physical, saying that the incident was an embarrassment to the state and the country at large. He expressed the hope that ‘as far as God lives there will be peace’. He said that they could not forget the gesture by the Church in coming to say thank you that the church has done wonderfully well. In addition, that he will cascade the message to his officers and men. He in turn sent appreciation to the Apostolic Faith Church worldwide and assured that they will always perform their job dutifully requesting that the Church keeps praying for them. He prayed that God would lift the church up beyond human imaginations and bless the members.

Also, the Police PRO, DSP Sunday Abutu appreciated the church for coming to thank the Nigerian Police Force. He stated that obviously a lot of lives have been impacted by the Nigerian Police Force but only few come to appreciate. He illustrated the account of the ten Lepers in St Luke, and how only one returned with thanksgiving, that Apostolic Faith Church is that one who appreciates the efforts of Men of Security Agencies. He then assured that the gesture would cement respectable relationship between the two organizations and prayed God to bless the Church.

The DS prayed for the Police Commissioner, and gave cash gift on behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Church and Gospel Literature to the Police Commissioner before departure.




Rapid Response Squad (RRS) Commander, CSP Marcus Ogundola

CSP Marcus led the DS to both the Government House and the Office of the Police Commissioner. He was also part of the discussion in both places but because of the crucial role he played during the incidence, there was need for the DS to meet with him in his office.

The RRS Commander reiterated the efforts that led to the arrest of about 5 (one of the 5 was killed) of the 9 members of the syndicate. The efforts were really commendable. He also implored the Church to;

  1. Appeal to the government to solidify security at schools for all categories of pupils/students

  2. To improve transportation of pupils with adequate security

  3. To thank Inspector General who sent helicopter for air support.


The DS appreciated him for being so concerned and for all the good reports that he heard about him.

The DS prayed for him and assured him and his household of God’s protection. The RRS Commander said he wished the visit occurred on a Wednesday that it would have been an avenue for the DS to pray for all his men because it is always a day of their prayer. The DS then requested if there could be occasional visit by the church which he was pleased with. By the grace of God, we see this as an avenue for AVS work to commence in the RRS station. The DS gave cash gift on behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Church and Gospel Literature to the RRS boss.



















Day 3, 24th February, 2024

Visit to Emure






Elemure of Emure Ekiti

High Chief Toyin Ojo, the Olisa of Emure who is next by designation to Elemure received the DS and other ministers of God.

High Chief Toyin Ojo welcomed all to the palace of Elemure of Emure Ekiti and apologized on behalf of the Monarch who was unavoidably absent due to the marriage ceremony of his son that was on going in another State. He stated that the Monarch instructed that he should receive the DS with his entourage.

The DS appreciated the King and all Chiefs that received him and prayed God to honor them. He stated the reason for coming all the way from Lagos which was to appreciate all stake holders and agencies that worked together in ensuring the release of the abducted students and staff of AFSS, EmureEkiti. He explained to all the chiefs that even though we were not physically on ground to provide operational tactical and intelligence, the church was praying and the prayer yielded fruit. He prayed that affliction will not rise again. He however empathized with the King, Chiefs, the people of Emure and especially the family of late Mr. Taye Olugbaye for the life lost during the incidence.

The DS once again appreciated the chiefs for their support day and night. He also appreciated the need for Kabiyesi to be part of the marriage ceremony of his son and prayed God to bless the union. He berated the level of decadence that Nigeria witnesses and prayed God to make us good citizen of this country and eventually of God’s Kingdom. He acknowledged that reproach has come to this nation but God can take away the reproach and He would do soonest because the children of God are praying.

The DS prayed for safe return of Kabiyesi and implored the chiefs to extend his appreciation to him.

In response, the Chief appreciated the DS and the Church of God for the prayer that made God to intervene. Furthermore, the Chief requested, on behalf of the Kabiyesi, that in addition to the cash gift the church gave to the deceased family, he wants the church to build a University Campus in Emure and name a hall as ‘TAYE OLUGBAYE MEMORIAL HALL’ to immortalize the deceased staff.

The spokesperson for the palace, Chief, Ogunyemi Akinola also appreciated the DS and reiterated that the request was from the Kabiyesi and that he is so keen about it. He then prayed that the incident will not repeat itself again. He said he cherishes Apostolic Faith as a Church as well as members of the Church because of their devotion, diligence and responsiveness. He prayed that God will preserve the identity and image of the church. He said the palace look forward to more of DS’ visit to celebrate goodness and fortunes in Emure land.

Rev Fatoba, the Overseer of Ekiti Area appreciated all the Palace Chiefs for accepting us; and notified them of the “Thanksgiving Service” coming up the following day (being Lord’s day) and implored them to be part of the service.

The DS responded to the king’s request for higher institution, promising that we, as it is our usual practice, will table it before God to guide us. He then offered words of prayer for the people of Emure Ekiti, thereafter the gift presented to the King was received by High Chief Ojo.



AFSS Students and Staff

The DS was warmly received with songs and recitations by AFSS students. Thereafter, the Zonal Pastor, Bro. Gabriel Adesanya delivered a speech (attached) to welcome and appreciate the DS.

The DS appreciated the students and staff of AFSS, Emure Ekiti and thank God for giving us light at the end of the tunnel. He said he could understand the shock that the students felt just as he felt when he heard of the incident someone in the UK. However, he appreciated the fact that prayer changes situation even as Apostolic Faith Church and AFSS became household names and a special school that everyone was curious to know. This was contrary to the plan of the devil, which was to embarrass the church. God has made it a blessing in disguise, and now AFSS students have invariably become products of good history. He emphasized the efforts of the church. We cancellation all regular services and substituted it with prayers. God answered the prayer sooner than we expected. He called for a minute silence on behalf of the departed member of staff who lost his live during the incidence. He then prayed God to console the family of the deceased. He called on those who are fearful to please hand over theirfears to God who can replace it with hope, acknowledging that it is natural for fear to come in times like this. He prayed God to make them quality young people.

The DS appreciated God that the perpetrators of the malevolent act have been arrested and God will capture those who are still at large. He equally appreciated the effort of our International Headquarters and our churches all over the world . They all prayed passionately for the school. According to him ‘to deepen our appreciation, tomorrow will be a Thanksgiving Service which will bring various worshipers of Apostolic Faith Church together, praising God for the victory. We will appreciate our God who alone has solution to our national problems’. He emphasized that chain prayer is ongoing at the moment for situations around us to be changed for good, and that God will answer when we keep calling on him; and that righteousness will reign again in Nigeria to an extent that Nigeria will take back her position as the giant of Africa, peace will reign and our economy will be revived.

The School Principal Bro. Owolabi Simeon appreciated the DS and other ministers present, appreciating God for the progress being witnessed in the School. He also thanked God for giving success to the school in the 2022 state spelling bee competition where 5 of AFSS students were part of the 7 best that emerged within the state. He appreciated the students too for holding forth.

The DS prayed for the students and school management that God will continually uphold and look after them.




DPO, EmureEkiti - SP Solomon Vincent

The DS expressed appreciation for the active role that the DPO played during the dark times we found ourselves during these past few weeks. He said he was on a thank you visit on behalf of the Board members of the Apostolic Faith Church to let him know that the church appreciates the good work and that the church had been praying for them even though we were not in the directly involved in the intelligence and operational activities . He assured that the prayer cumulates to what we now have as 24-7 chain prayer for the whole country that God Should please make Nigeria the good nation that it ought to be.

The DPO equally appreciated the presence of the DS, and others. He prayed God to please answer our prayer for safety as no one expected the incident which placed Emure at the fore front of the globe. He however thanked God that the situation was leveled and prayed it won’t happen again. He equally thanked God for the Pastor at Emure for displaying courage and gallantry. He assured the DS that he would get a brieffrom bro Paul on the discussion he had with him which could bring about some levels of improvements.



Deceased Family Members

DS empathized with the family of the deceased. He assured them that the whole world is praying for them and encouraged them to be forthcoming at all times.While appreciating the effort of our local church to ease the pain, he prayed God to please do big things for them and bring something good out of the situation for the wife of the deceased and children. He assured them that our brethren will not be far from them by God’s grace. He prayed for them that God will always be by their side and encouraged them that despite all that happened we can still praise God. He therefore invited them to the Thanksgiving Service.

Bro. FataiOseni, on behalf of the family appreciated the DS for his visit and token of love extended to the family.



Day 4, 25th February, 2024

Sunday Service at Emure






AFC, EmureEkiti

The Sermon, titled ‘If it had not been God’ with scripture reading taken from Psalms 124 highlighted the goodness of God for his Church and to the people of Emure and EKiti State at large. The DS also talked of the assurance and promises for the children of God, particularly of the power of God to deliver from the snare of the fowler.

Emphasis was laid on the need for one to have his or her sins forgiven and adopted into the family of God for him or her to benefit of God’s divine grace, and protection.

Five souls gave record of their blessings.


Summary of Meeting with AFSS Emure Ekiti Staff Members:

  • Loyalty to God and to the School.

  • No one should be a snitch

  • Unity of purpose and togetherness must be ensured


Summary of Meeting with Ministers and Sunday School Teachers at Emure (also at AFC Ikere and Okesa branches):

  • Prayer room time to be followed as directed

  • Sermons should be moderate in duration

  • Understanding individual differences and appreciating it when dealing with one another

  • Elementary Children need befitting seats

  • Avoid treating two lessons during Teachers’ Conference

  • Brevity should be observed during Teacher’s Conference. An average of one hour is encouraged

  • Conference clusters and centers should be encouraged because of the economic and security situation of the country.





Day 5, 26th February, 2024

Monday – Project Inspection

  1. Guest House- Ado Ekiti

  2. AFSS Classrooms building –Ado Ekiti

  3. AFC, Okesa Tabernacle –Ado Ekiti


Day 6, 27th February, 2024

Tuesday – Departure to Akure and Inspection of AFSS project at Ondo Area Hqrts, Ijoka, Akure



DS with the Commissioner of Police, Ekiti State




DS, team and Special Adviser on Security Matters to Ekiti State Governor



DS with Family of deceased staff




DS team and Chiefs at the Palace of Elemure of Emure-Ekiti



The DS being welcomed by an AFSS student to EmureEkiti



DS inspecting AFSS Akure Class Building Project



Frontage of AFC, IkereEkiti



DS with one of the released Victim( A member of the church)

From left: Rev. M. A Ajayi and Wife, and Bro. Isaac Adigun



DS with members of AFC IkereEkiti


DS conferring with Rev. M. A Ajayi at Emure



L-R: Bro. Gabriel Adesanya, Bro. Oba Fatoba, Bro. Isaac Adigun and Bro. Sola Oduola



During Thanksgiving Sermon at Emure Ekiti



DS with Palace Chiefs after the Thanksgiving Service


DS with family of the deceased staff after Thanksgiving Service



Sis. AdebimpeOwolabi presenting gift to DS on behalf of AFC Okesa



DS inspecting Guest House Building Project at AFC, Ekiti Area Hqrts


DS with the Pastor of Okesa branch reviewing the building plan document



AFSS, Ado Ekiti welcoming the DS



DS briefing at AFSS, Ado Ekiti



DS inspecting AFC Okesa branch Tabernacle project.



Briefs on AFC Okesa Tabernacle Project