When the Apostolic Faith Church began in America in the wake of  the Azusa revival, many people were surprised at the brand of Christianity  the Church preached. News of the salvation of souls during the services  was given coverage by the media and that piqued the interest of many. So,  each service was thronged by many people, some of whom were heavily  burdened with loads of sin and they genuinely sought the Saviour to  deliver them; while some were there to mock the doctrines preached by the  holiness Church. However, whatever the mission of those sets of people,  the Spirit of God was always there to do His work. He convicted them and  they found their way to the altars of prayer. 

As the Gospel spread across the world and found its way to  Nigeria, the same scenario played out. People were surprised to learn that  it was - and still is - possible to live without committing sin. The doctrines  of The Apostolic Faith were new to them. Many people heard the sound  doctrine, believed it and prayed through to their Christian experiences. As  the Blood of Jesus transformed people's lives, news of the saving power of  Jesus spread across the length and breadth of the country; and a steady  stream of burdened souls desperately sought deliverance from their sins.  While many people came to our services seeking Jesus, some religious  organizations sought to 'copy' the methods of The Apostolic Faith and  apply them.  

A certain Mr Josiah Olubode Soyinka belonged to one such  organization. He and some other members of that organization were sent  to see how this holiness Church operated. While Mr Soyinka and his  friends were busy taking notes during one of our services, the Spirit of God  was busy revealing Mr Soyinka's past to him. He became uncomfortable  in his seat. That powerful conviction of sin marked the beginning of  something great in the life of Mr Soyinka. After some abortive attempts to  silence the Voice, Mr Soyinka eventually realized his sinful and dangerous  condition. He confessed his sins and Jesus saved his soul! His life was  wonderfully transformed! That was how Brother Soyinka began his  Christian race. He later consecrated and received the deeper Christian  experiences of sanctification and the baptism of the Holy Ghost and Fire.  

No one would have thought that that spy would later become the  second overseer of Apostolic Faith Churches in Africa. Before he became  overseer, God had taken Brother Soyinka through the school of  experience. Little wonder then that the story of his life is filled with  miracles, persecutions, trials and victories.  

You will also find how this man of God faithfully served in the  vineyard of his Saviour. He was a staunch believer in the doctrines of The  Apostolic Faith. Brother Soyinka was a man who studied and showed  himself “approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed,  rightly dividing the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15).  

Just as God had prepared Joshua for the task of filling the shoes of  Moses, Brother Soyinka had also been equipped by God to work in  Brother T.'s stead. It was a big task, but the Lord Who called him saw him  through. Brother Soyinka steered the wheel of the Gospel work in Africa  till the Lord called him Home in 1999. But before he went to glory, he had  this testimony: He had the assurance of Heaven. 

As you leaf through the pages of this man's life, it is our prayer that  you will be challenged to live a life without blemish and then get hold of  the assurance of Heaven. Why? It is of eternal significance to end the  Christian race well. If you have not begun the race at all, determine to start  now. 

'Bayo Adeniran 

District Superintendent, West and Central Africa (WECA)