“A sinner has contraband in his luggage and that  contraband belongs to the devil.”  

“Salvation is the most expensive commodity, but it  costs nothing to buy.” 

“We may suffer electricity fluctuation here, but in  God's keeping, there is no power failure. God will preserve  me unto His heavenly Kingdom.”  

“I want you to steer clear of fanaticism, such as  joining of hands together and moving round in circles in  order to have the blessing of God.”  

“Do not tell or listen to vision and interpretation of  dreams. If God shows you anything, that is personal to you  and on no account should any minister or pastor bring his  dreams as a means of preaching or teaching to people.” 

“The day of the Lord is fast approaching, the day  when man shall meet his Maker. That day, your treasures,  your pound sterling, your dollars and deutchmark will be  useless. The only thing that will help is salvation.” 

“Don't teach anything outside the Bible doctrines.”