24 TO 29 DECEMBER 2023



 The first Camp Meeting in Togo which held between December 24 and 29, 2023, was preceded by weeks of concentrated prayers round the branch Churches to seek God’s direction, blessings and protection. The theme of the camp meeting was “O Lord, Revive thy Work” - Habakkuk 3:2

God directed the Management Team led by the Country Leader to look for a convenient place to hold the camp meeting due to Government’s policy barring churches from holding conventions or rallies at the City centre. God provided a place called Lomègnonkope, Marie de ADETIKOPE.

A brother who owned a school there surrendered his school compound for lodging and worship, and a giant tent was erected in the open field as a place of worship.

Shortly before the camp, a pupil in that school collapsed and gave up the ghost. Children of God gathered and called upon God to intervene and prevent the reproach that the devil wanted to bring upon the name of our God and the Church - that was about to hold a camp meeting there. God answered the prayer, and the young boy came back to life in the presence of his mother, and the doctor she had invited. Our God is great!


The Minister and Workers’ Conference took place on Saturday December 23, 2023 with the Topic “The Church and Spiritual Qualifications’’. Brother Johnson Okpo who represented the DS handled the lesson.

The participants were reminded that “The true Church of Jesus Christ, sometimes called the “Invisible Church” is made up of individuals whose names are “written in the Lamb’s book of life” (Revelation 21:27). They live pure and exemplary lives in accordance with God’s Word. In addition, brethren must promote unity in all they do, if the Church hoped to experience revival and fulfill its mission on earth.  Bible references were cited from Psalm 133; Amos 3:3 and John17:17-21.

On Spiritual Qualifications, Scripture references from 1Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9, were used to remind the participants that, “As ministers and workers of the Gospel, we first must have sought and received the three foundational Christian experiences of justification, sanctification, and baptism of the Holy Ghost. We stand before people as representatives of the eternal God” as such, our personal conduct, character, and unselfish service to God and others must bear witness to the reality of our walk with God.

A basic requirement for Christian ministers and workers is a genuine sensitivity to our own spiritual needs; we must have ears that are open to God’s voice, and hearts that are fully committed to do nothing but God’s will. Willingness to serve wherever placed by God, until He moves us, is essential.

“Qualifying applies to people in every phase in life”, but the most important qualifications of all are those that will gain us entrance into Heaven. The qualification for Heaven is that our sins must be forgiven and our names written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Moreover, we must remain qualified by continuing to live in obedience to God’s Word daily.

The teaching provided moments of heart searching and consecration that brought a mighty revival. A total of 56 workers were in attendance.


Participants were from all Branch Churches in Togo, comprising Vakposito, Tetetou, Totsi, Kpalime, Kouma-Adame,Agbelouve, Alokoegbe,Gbomame,Kouve, and Hetre.  Also in attendance were brethren from WECA headquarters, Benin Republic, Ghana, Mali, Cote D’Ivoire and Niger Republic.


The Camp Meeting opened fully on December 24, 2023. Brother François Adechi Bobo the Country Overseer gave a sermon titled “Ready for Revival?”. He took his text from Isaiah 26:19 and Ephesians 2: 1, 2. He encouraged worshippers that “God is here to revive whatever that is dead in their lives”. Sinners are spiritually dead and need God’s grace of salvation if they would surrender to Him. He went further to emphasize what brings, and hinders revival in the Church. Seekers rushed to the altar of prayers to seek the face of God after the message.

Consecrated Ministers of the Gospel gave inspiring sermons and teachings on topics that included; “Salvation”, “Sanctification”, “Holy Ghost Baptism”, “Christian Unity and Brotherly love” etc. Following the presentation of these messages, seekers trooped to the altar of prayers seeking and receiving various blessings upon their lives.


During each service, the Redeemed of the Lord gave testimonies of the power in the Blood of Jesus to save, sanctify, and fill with the Holy Spirit, to heal all manner of diseases and deliver from all dangers.


Ninety eight (98) souls were saved from their lives of sin, 40 sanctified wholly, 26 baptized with the Holy Ghost and fire, 51 Re-anointed, 47 healed of diverse diseases and 38 others blessings. Grand total = 300 blessings to the glory of God.


ATTENDANCE: The highest attendance was 321



  1. Musical  Concert

A musical concert held on December 24,2023 at 5 pm which attracted many people from different religious backgrounds and God showered blessings upon them all.

  1. Charity Day

On Monday December 25, 2023 at 5 pm, through God’s provision, campers picked items like clothes, shoes, bags, hats and other items of their choice. It was a time to share with the needy as recorded in Acts 4:34, 35.

  1. Evangelism

Every Day, selected workers went out for evangelism to all locations of Lomègnonkope. There were good responses from those invited including the neighbours near the Camp area.


The 2023 Camp Meeting in Togo was a miracle from start to finish. This marked the First Camp Meeting in Togo after 30 years of existence. All glory to God for journey mercies to all participants. God protected and provided for His people throughout the camp.

Our appreciation goes to God, WECA Headquarters Church for their unflinching support in all ramifications and Brethren from different countries for standing by us in making the First camp convention in Togo a huge success despite all odds

We thank all the Pastors, Ministers, Choristers, Ushers, Security, Kitchen staff, WCS and every Unit for their involvement in the success of this Convention, especially with regard to the presence of the faithful who actively participated in the holding of the Convention.

Through your prayers, the next Convention would hold in the Headquarters Church and the Government ban would be lifted.

May God qualify us all for His kingdom in Jesus name. Amen


Johnson Okpo

Missions Department (WECA Headquarters)




From the Pulpit

giant tent

The Giant Tent






Seeking God’s face


Children Program

sunday school

Sunday school in session


Group Photograph


Music Concert


Ministers praising God