The DS and Some Ministers of God

The visit of the District Superintendent, Brother Isaac Adigun and his team drew enthusiastic members from all over the region to converge in Ikot Enwang, the regional headquarters. It was a two-day visit, but the impact remains memorable and historic.

Saturday, October 15, 2022
The Sunday School teachers conference was held in the morning of Saturday, on the topic "SUBSTITUTION". Brother Isaac reviewed the lesson. The lesson strongly highlighted the substitutionary work of Jesus on the cross of Calvary that can transform repentant sinners to be profitable children of God. The attendance was 1,136 teachers.

Ministers and Workers' Meeting
In the afternoon of Saturday, October 15, 2022, a meeting with ministers and workers took place. Bro. Isaac and two members of the Board of Trustees - Brother Edet Bassey and Brother Emmanuel Moh were present. He opened the meeting with a brief exhortation curled from Apostolic Faith Daily Devotionals with the theme, "Be Willing". The text was taken from Psalm 32:8.

Bro. Isaac encouraged the workers to make themselves available in all our meetings. He further enjoined all workers and all children of God to engage themselves in fervent prayers for progress and success in our work.
He also used the forum to rehearse some of the church policies and practices including Home and Families, Benevolent Fund, New funding formula, Baby Dedication, Marriage Vow Renewal Service and Zero tolerance to Sexual Misconduct.

Changes and Transfers
Bro. Isaac used the occasion to announce changes and transfers of some church officers as follows; -
1.    Bro. Iniabasi Sydney William Emah transferred from Calabar to Port Harcourt as the new Regional Overseer.
2.    Bro. Samuel Philip Inyang transferred from Uyo to Calabar district.
3.    Bro. Akai Umoinyang to move from Eket district to Uyo district.
4.    Bro. Akan Eneh to move from Nkara Obio church to Eket district
5.    Bro. Emmanuel Ekpo to move from Afaha Obio Eno church to replace Bro. Akan Eneh at Nkara Obio church

The DS and Some Ministers of God

Sunday, October 16, 2022
The general meeting on Sunday started with Sunday School service - worshippers were divided into classes to receive the lesson on" Substitution".
Bro. Isaac anchored the review of the lesson and at the end people trooped to the altar to seek the face of God.

The devotional service opened with inspiring renditions by the choir and orchestra including the song "Say to the righteous, it shall be well”. These choir pieces lifted the hearts of the worshippers heavenward.

During the announcements, the brethren who are transferred were presented to the whole congregation. The thunderous "Amen" echoed by the congregation affirmed the support of the people to the leading of the Holy Spirit in the whole exercise.

The message during the devotional service was drawn from Joshua 10:12, 13 with the theme "Complete Victory". He encouraged all worshippers to pray that all hindrances to attaining complete victory in their lives should stand still as Joshua did. The attendance was 8,492. Many reported receiving various blessings from God. Those who immediately recorded their blessings were Salvation 4, Sanctification - 3, Baptism of the Holy Spirit - 2, Re-anointing - 30, Healing - 26, Other blessings - 28, total - 89.

In the evening of that Sunday, a prayer meeting was held which attracted 517 in attendance. Bro. Moh led in the prayer meeting. He drew the attention of the people to the Word of God in 2 Chronicles 7:14 and charged the people to humble themselves before God, pray, turn from their sins and God would hear and answer our prayers and heal our land.
It was indeed a "sweet" session of prayer. Thanks to God who visited His people in a tremendous way.

The DS and Some Ministers of God