A man and wife from California who were touring the country, intending to go on into the eastern states, stopped for a while in Salem, Oregon. There they saw a Gospel car with workers ready to hold a street meeting. Wondering what kind of religious people they were, this couple went to inquire. The wife said:

"They asked us if we would like one of their church papers. I said, 'Yes, if it is the Word of God, we will be glad to have it.' 

"We came on to Portland and were in the city only a few hours when we started out to find the church that published the paper. From the first night I heard the Word preached here, I never questioned the way. It was settled. I have never wanted any other way. I said, '0h God, just give me what these people have!' It seemed that I could not get honest. I knew I was just a sinner, but it was some time before I could pray through to salvation. But God saved me. Later, He sanctified me. And, in my own home, one morning, He baptized me with the Holy Ghost. He saved my husband too, and we have had a happy home for many years."

This woman also dedicated her service to God and for many years has labored as successor to the former leader of the department of hospital visitations.

(The testimonies of many "old-timers" who were saved through hearing the Gospel preached on the street, will be included in a book of testimonies soon to be published by The Apostolic Faith.)