In this installment covering the story of the early camp meetings, the Overseer tells of the conversion of some of the pioneer Christian workers

For over a half century, annual camp meeting-conventions have been held by the Apostolic Faith of Portland, Oregon, and have proved to be a source of spiritual revival and effective evangelism.

In earlier years, previous to the purchase of a permanent site for the campgrounds, it was necessary every year to rent a plot, usually in a different section of the city. The task of finding a suitable location for setting up a large tabernacle-tent and numerous family tents was not easy. One time, the large tabernacle was pitched on a plot where there were no trees near to overshadow the grounds and give relief from the hot sun; but nothing deterred the spiritually hungry people in those days. They were eager to congregate and hear God's Word expounded that they might learn His will more perfectly.

Many consecrated hands helped every year in the clearing of the grounds and setting up of what was practically a little city. Adjacent to the tabernacle-tent, there would be a restaurant, a grocery store, utility buildings, and scores of family tents. Numbers of the local members, not being rich in this world's goods, would give up their house or apartment to save-rent and move onto the grounds for the duration, which sometimes was a period of three months.