A church built on fundamental doctrines and genuine faith

IN RESPONSE to the many inquiries which have come into our office regarding the origin and growth of The Apostolic Faith of Portland, Oregon, we are publishing, in installments, a brief history concerning this world-wide evangelistic movement.

Before going directly into the narration of the activities of this church as an organization, we first devote a portion of this account to some statements regarding its origin, its mission, and its unique characteristics.

To give a better understanding of its doctrinal position, a brief sketch is given of its background, tracing its doctrinal heritage from the time of the early church through the years following the Reformation. We give honorable mention to some of the Christian forefathers who re-established the doctrines of the Apostles which became the foundation stones for the early fundamental churches.

Following this sketch of the background of this organization, more detailed information regarding the founding, the establishing, and the progress of the Apostolic Faith which has its headquarters in Portland, Oregon, is told by an eyewitness, the late founder’s son, who is the General Overseer, Rev. R. Robert Crawford. 

It is our hope that this limited historical account will give adequate information to those interested in the work  of The Apostolic Faith which is putting forth every possible effort to fulfill the great commission given by Christ: “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark I6:I5).