The story of the early days of the Apostolic Faith Church in Portland, Oregon, is continued by the Rev. R. R. Crawford, General Overseer, who relates some incidents concerning the eventful life of his mother, the late founder of this evangelistic organization, and presents parts of her testimony.

IN the days of covered wagons, my mother's parents made their way west and settled in Coos County, in southern Oregon; and on September 1, 1872, she was born into the home of those rugged, stalwart pioneers. Their home was not one of Christian atmosphere but rather of unbelief. Noted infidels were entertained there; and Mother became accustomed to hearing the Bible discounted, and God's existence denied.

As she grew into young womanhood her heart craved reality and she sought to find satisfaction in the pleasures of the world. After she was married and had her little family about her, she still loved to attend the operas, theatres, and card parties. But God knew her heart and had different plans for her. The time came when His great love broke through that worldly glitter and glamour, uprooted all the unbelief, and called her to serve Him.

The bold and uncompromising stand which Mother took in respect to embracing all the Word of God as taught by the Apostles, can possibly be better understood in the light of her testimony which reveals her long search to find the Gospel preached in all its purity, fullness, and power. In her own words she impressively tells of her experience.