In this installment, the Overseer gives a sketch of the missionary work conducted among the seamen in local areas 

WORLD-WIDE fruitful evangelism among thousands of seafaring men has been the result of intensive efforts put forth by zealous Christians who have carried on a "foreign" missionary work in the "home" port – the Port of Portland. 

Contact with the seamen has been made through personal visitations to ocean-going vessels, at which time these spiritually neglected men are invited to attend church services and are provided with free transportation. 

This branch of Apostolic Faith evangelism was pioneered in 19I2, when a lone man made his way, on foot, along the waterfront visiting the old windjammers in the days of sailing ships when mention was made of "wooden ships and iron men." 

Since that time, scores of thousands of merchant seamen and navy men, representing 70 or more nationalities, have been brought to the services at the Apostolic Faith Headquarters at Sixth Avenue and Burnside Street and to the Tabernacle at S. E. 52nd and Duke Street.