The founder of the Apostolic Faith with headquarters in Portland, the late Florence L. Crawford, was one among the many Christians who had been praying for this mighty revival. When she heard the good news as to what was taking place at the Azusa Street meetings, that God was again visiting the earth with a Holy Ghost revival, and baptizing sanctified souls with the Holy Ghost and fire, as on the Day of Pentecost, she craved to obtain those spiritual experiences.

Mrs. Crawford had been previously converted and had devoted many years of her life to Christian service; but she always hungered for a greater measure of the power of God in her life. When she learned that such power was available, she went to the Azusa Street Mission; and the Lord sanctified her; and later baptized her with the Holy Ghost, and commissioned her to go forth to preach the Gospel.

In answer to a definite call from God to the evangelistic fields, Mrs. Crawford left Los Angeles to hold meetings in other cities; and in the year 1907, established the work known as “The Apostolic Faith, with headquarters in Portland, Oregon,” which has become a world-wide evangelistic organization.

This organization is separate from, and independent of, any other church group. Other leaders also carried on their own evangelistic work in different cities throughout the nation and established their own churches under various church names. That which distinguishes the Apostolic Faith (which has its headquarters in Portland) from others who claim the same Gospel heritage is that this organization has not changed any of the doctrines which were embraced at the time of the outpouring of the Spirit in Los Angeles in 1906. They extend no short cuts to obtaining the enduement of power for service, and emphasize the truth that only those who have received the second, definite work of grace, sanctification, can receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. They also continue to uphold the same high standard of Christian living that was upheld in the beginning.