The teachings of John Wesley did more than reshape the conscience of the people in regard to their actual sins. Wesley brought to light once again the doctrine of holiness, the teaching of ENTIRE SANCTIFICATION which the Apostles so fervently embraced in their day. The truths taught by Wesley have been transmitted from one generation to another through the years and are upheld by many people of God today. The “pulse” of John Wesley in respect to his teachings, especially on holiness, can still be felt the world over. His book, “A Plain Account of Christian Perfection,” is a good exposition of the experience of Entire Sanctification.

This spiritual step is taught by the Apostolic Faith as the second, definite, instantaneous work of grace wrought in the heart, received through faith—an act whereby the Blood of Christ removes the carnal nature and makes one pure and holy. Though some churches which once embraced this teaching on holiness have long since discarded that doctrine, the Apostolic Faith still retains the original teaching on this truth, and has always considered sanctification the very hub and center of Christian living.