Attending the services on Azusa Street were returned missionaries, evangelists, pastors, members of different churches, down-and-out sinners, as well as curiosity seekers. Some came from great distances to investigate and to seek deeper spiritual experiences from God.

This building, too, soon became crowded to its utmost. Spirit-filled ministers sent forth heart-searching messages in such a manner that it seemed as if a great searchlight from Heaven was being turned on all manner of sin.

Men and women from all walks of life were converted. Lives were transformed. The drunkard was delivered from his drinking. The thief no longer stole, but returned the goods he had stolen. The drug addict was delivered from his evil habit. The cigarette smoker had no more desire for his cigarettes. The nominal professors of religion, along with proud moralists who knew nothing about the deeper sins of life, prayed for the same salvation and blessings that the deep-dyed sinner had sought and received.

Prayers began to ascend that God would restore the faith “once delivered unto the saints” (Jude 3). God began to manifest His power in the miraculous healing of sick bodies. According to the teaching in James 5:14, the sick were anointed with oil and prayed for by the ministry; and the Lord confirmed His Word with signs following, healing all manner of sickness and affliction.

A striking similarity between Jerusalem at Pentecost and Los Angeles, at the time of the outpouring in 1906, was that in both cities there were people of almost every nationality who witnessed the miracles of God and heard the wonders of God spoken in their own language. They in turn told the good news to others.

God was blessing souls the world over at this time. From foreign lands, India, China, Korea, Scandinavian countries and other places, came word that they, too, had received the promised outpouring of the Spirit of God.