The Welsh revival seemed to create a universal seeking for a similar spiritual quickening in other places. When a Los Angeles minister returned to his home city from Wales and brought the news of the great things God was doing there, the people of Los Angeles who had been praying for a revival became more earnest in their prayers. Business men’s groups, Bible class groups, holiness church groups, and people from various churches met to pray in any place they could meet. Denomination made little difference. Christian workers and ministers alike felt a need for greater spiritual power that they might be more effectual in winning souls for Christ. They longed for a mighty revival and for the outpouring of the Spirit, as was promised in the Bible. Through the centuries, God at various times had poured out His Spirit on holy people and they were baptized with the Holy Ghost and fire. And, a few years prior to the outpouring of the Spirit in Los Angeles, people in different parts of the United States and also in other countries received the baptism of the Holy Spirit; but those were only the sprinklings of the Showers yet to come.

The Prophet Joel, in Old Testament times, spoke of the outpouring of the Spirit and said there would be an early spiritual rain and a latter spiritual rain. The early outpouring took place at Pentecost, when the disciples were filled with the Spirit and empowered to preach the Gospel; and as a result, Peter’s first anointed sermon brought salvation to 3,000 souls.

The “latter” spiritual rain of which Joel spoke was to be a copious outpouring which would extend world wide. God was going to pour out His Spirit on ALL flesh; and this outpouring was promised to come in the “first month” (Joel 2:23). According to the Jewish religious calendar the month “Abib,” or April, is the first month; and true to His promise, God sent the “latter” rain in the month of April.

People of various denominations had been praying for a mighty Holy Ghost revival. The founder of the Portland Apostolic Faith work said: “I was a Methodist; and I was sure the Spirit would be poured out in our church. Others of my friends were Baptists and Christian and Missionary Alliance people, and we all said, ‘Surely God will pour out His Spirit on our particular little band.’” But it was not to be so.