An unusual conversion in the 19I3 camp meeting in the Fulton district was that of the Rev. C. R. Rodman, a Princeton graduate, and a pastor of a church in the State of Washington. He had come to the city of Portland to attend a World's Good Citizenship Conference, where he listened to a great display of knowledge given from the lips of orators who tried to diagnose the "disease" of sin. But never once did they tell of an adequate remedy for that "disease." One day, on a downtown street corner, he heard some Apostolic Faith street workers testifying from a Gospel auto. He stopped to listen and heard of a real cure for sin. They said that when they prayed through to salvation they became new creatures in Christ Jesus, and had peace, joy, and victory. This pastor had never experienced the new birth, and did not have peace in his heart. Consequently he decided that he knew nothing about Christianity from an experiential standpoint. 

Learning of the Fulton camp meeting, he took a streetcar out to the services. At the close of the meeting he went to the altar, where he prayed long and earnestly; but did not obtain the witness of the Spirit that he was saved, until he was on his way back to the city. On the streetcar going home it seemed that God opened the heavens to him and he knew he was saved. A wonderful change came into his heart. Peace and joy flooded his soul. Salvation was real to him for the first time in his life. God gave him victory over sin and enabled him to live as he knew a Christian should live.

For many years he was actively engaged in Gospel work at the Apostolic Faith headquarters' office, and served as a faithful minister until God called him to his heavenly reward. (For a more detailed account read Tract No 43).