The 1908 camp meeting, held on Mount Tabor at the outskirts of the city, also proved to be an eventful and spiritually blessed session. One of the ministers who assisted my mother, the Rev. Florence L. Crawford, in expounding the Word was the Rev. L. N. Bourcey, who was in the Apostolic Faith church work from the time it was established in Portland. Another was the Rev. J. G. Robbins, who became affiliated with this people at the 1907 camp meeting, where he received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. These Spirit-filled ministers preached the Word in all its fullness without fear or favor and the convicting power of the Spirit brought many souls into the Kingdom.

One among those who was converted at the 1908 camp meeting was a well-to-do lumberman from Canada. Because of a severe heart condition, he was a patient in the Portland Sanitarium located at the foot of Mount Tabor. One day when he was able to go out for a walk, he heard the pounding of hammers from a distance up on the hill. Each day he walked a little closer until he discovered workmen setting up the tents for the coming camp meeting. This man had become discouraged with religion and said he would never join a church until he found people who believed and preached all the Bible.

The next Sunday was opening day at the campground and he made his way up to the services, where he earnestly sought God and was saved, and was also completely healed of his affliction. It was not long until his wife and family came to the city. They, too, attended the meetings and were saved. Today, over fifty years later, two of the children are still serving God at the San Francisco branch church of the Apostolic Faith.