The Apostolic Faith corresponds with many prisoners and prison officials throughout the world. The minister in charge of this correspondence receives touching letters from unfortunate men and women who ask for spiritual help, guidance, and prayer.

Typical of the letters coming from different prisoners, the world over, are the following excerpts:

"I feel really wonderful, knowing that all of my sins have been forgiven. Yes, I am a saved man. I have all your letters and books which you fine people have been sending me for the past five years, and I have received many, many blessings from them. Thanks to you.

"The Apostolic Faith paper that you send to me I have given to another man here. It is passed on to someone else, and about fifty men read the paper. What joy we all get out of reading of men and women who from all over the world have turned to Christ."

“I cannot express my feeling in receiving your wonderful Christmas letter. I am 87 years old and naturally I am looking forward to my release from confinement, at which time I would so much like to see you and visit your church. I also want to thank you for the very nice calendar which I can look at each day of the year and think of your thoughtfulness. It is such a gratifying feeling to know that God hasn't forgotten us and through people such as you we have the constant reminder."

"Last Christmas, I got hold of an Apostolic Faith paper and read the testimonies of different ones who told what faith had accomplished in their lives . . . they felt happy, seemed to have a living reality, something that I have longed for. The thing that interested me most was that one can meet God in prison – regardless of all failures.

"All who know me say: 'A hopeless case,' but I would like to get in contact with God to know if He thinks the same. I am not an infidel, but a sin-wrecked human being. I would be so glad to know if there is a chance for a person like me. Would you remember me in prayer ... and instruct me in spiritual things?"

Words of encouragement are sent to these men assuring them of God's love for the sinner. To add further cheer, letters and greeting cards are sent to the prisoners at the holiday seasons: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. At Christmas time small calendars are sent to the inmates. On these calendars, besides the beautiful, expressive picture, is a hymn with words and music. The work of preparing and sending out these seasonal greetings has always been a joyous project for those who volunteer their services at the office of the Apostolic Faith headquarters.

Of the many who have written us, one chaplain expresses his gratitude by saying: "We note your extensive work ... certainly a noteworthy ministry . . . in a neglected area. We certainly thank God for organizations like your own that have this concern on their hearts."