The effect of holding these services in the jails is definitely rewarding. The Spirit of God continues to strive with souls after the meetings are over. Sometimes an inmate will send word that he wants a minister to come back and pray with him; and in a private room provided by the institutions, the minister and the prisoner kneel together. The heart-broken, penitent soul repents of his sin, and prays until he has an assurance that his sins are forgiven - and God gives him power to "go, and sin no more."

Converted men behind the prison bars live the same Christian life as those converted in a church. Men bound with evil habits and appetites of many years find they are completely delivered. They no longer crave to smoke. They have no desire for liquor or beer. The dope habit relinquishes its hold on the helpless victim. Converted prisoners live clean and honest lives, a witness before their fellow prisoners of the change that has taken place within their soul.