There have been a number of revivals in different prisons, and the urge to tell others of their new-found joy has induced converted prisoners to start holding Bible classes. We have known of as many as 20 converted men in an institution at a time enjoying one another's fellowship.

One wrote: "God is blessing my little class, and we have some wonderful and true Christians here. Your precious letters and literature are of great help and strength to me and to others. It makes me know that God has people who won't forget His children who are in prison."

From another prison came this word: "God has led about six of us into a missionary venture here. Yesterday afternoon we assembled in the big exercise yard and held a small Apostolic Faith street meeting service. We sang and we testified of what God has done for each of us." One among these men was the "most wanted" on the FBI list several years previously, but now was living for Christ. One of the prisoners told of his being healed of ulcers. The man who wrote us the letter had been a bank robber, having spent 18 years in prison.

He continued: "We knelt ... and prayed that the Word of God would be sown in the hearts of these lost souls. It thrilled our hearts as we looked out over the yard at the large number who watched and listened to our street meeting service."