Numbers of converted inmates, following their release, have found that the power of saving grace not only kept them from evil within the walls of confinement, but also enabled them to resist the evil encountered outside the prison.

It has been gratifying through the years to hear testimonies from those who proved true to their dedications to Christ, continued to live an honest, upright life, earned their livelihood by the sweat of their brow, and paid back money to people they had defrauded.

One who gave such evidence of God's keeping power served faithfully in the evangelistic work for many years and has now gone on to his heavenly reward. At the Portland headquarters he often told of that miraculous power which took a helpless, hopeless weakling, gave him a "new heart" and made him a "different man." A part of his testimony is given below. (The complete story may be had by writing for Tract No. 51).