"One afternoon, up in the Spokane, Washington county jail, an Apostolic Faith paper was handed to me. I crawled up on the top bunk and read two testimonies – one a dope fiend and one a criminal. They said that God had saved them – and my life was like theirs. I was trembling and shaking like a leaf; had begged the jailer to give me one more shot of cocaine so I could rest and live a few more hours.

"When I read that Jesus could save that kind of a person, it was the best news I had ever heard in all my life. A hope sprang up in my heart that put me on my knees. There were forty-eight criminals in that tank, one in my cell. Eleven of those men were murderers. I told my cell-mate he could stay in or move out, that I was going to pray and see if there is a God. On that steel floor, the Apostolic Faith paper under my knees, I called on God – my first prayer. All the crimes I had committed came up before me, and I would almost take the lockjaw. The men threw cigarette butts on me, cursed me, kicked me, but that day a criminal and dope fiend prayed a prayer that changed his whole life. I arose to my feet, walked out of my cell and up and down the aisle, singing. 'Oh, How I Love Jesus!' God delivered me, set me free. I went back over a criminal's life, faced penitentiaries from coast to coast, worked hard to pay back thousands of dollars. I fully paid up and did not have to spend a day behind the penitentiary wall.

"Today I am a citizen, a taxpayer. I work hard, and I don't owe a man a dollar whom I could find to pay. I have been back home, and my people are not ashamed of me. I have a Christian home, a house of prayer. I have never been broke since God saved me. I am one of the happiest persons on earth." - W. J.

Word continues to come into our office telling of other lives being marvelously transformed behind the prison walls and it inspires our hearts to carry on the work which the Spirit of God has set His seal upon: "to preach good tidings to the meek, to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound" (Isaiah 61:1).